Thursday, October 17, 2019

Why adopting an older dog can be an amazing experience


This time of year is a big time for rescues, shelters, and breeders. People are always looking for a new family member for either a present or for the new year. Many will just consider getting a new puppy. While adopting a puppy is a lot of fun and enjoyable it is also a ton of work. It can also leave the older dogs in shelters and rescues continually looking for their forever homes. Thinking of adopting a dog, I would consider an adult or even older dog. There are some wonderful reasons on why this may be a better option.

They need homes
Adult or even senior dogs are in need of homes just as much as younger ones. Many of these dogs were from a loving family and for whatever reason are now in a shelter or even a rescue. They are looking for the same love and affection. Typically due to their age, they are often overlooked.

You can save a life
Many of the older dogs are first to go on the euthanasia list because they are the hardest to adopt. They typically have a time limit and many people do not realize that even if the dog is perfectly healthy if the shelter is overfilled, as sad as it may be, they may be the first on the list.

They don’t all have problems
There is this stigma that older dogs have behavioral problems.  In fact, this isn’t always true. Dogs in shelters and rescues are put up for adoption for a multitude of reason. It may be from a move, a guardian passed away, allergies, lifestyle changes, etc. Taking a look at them and giving them the chance you may see that they are the perfect dog for your family.

You can still train them
An old dog can learn new tricks. The best part about them is they have a greater attention span than a puppy. This can actually make training an older dog easier than a puppy. Sometimes you won’t even have to provide training with an older dog.

There are no surprises
What you see is what you get. If they are aggressive, most of the time you will already know. If they don’t do well with children that typically is found out prior to adoption. This is a great thing when adopting an older dog. You know what you are adopting when you meet them.

Adopting an older dog or a senior dog can be an amazing experience. You get to give them the loving home they deserve and need. In exchange, you get the love from your newest family member.

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