What Veterinarians Wish they could say. Part 2…


If you read Part 1, you will be excited to read Part 2. What Veterinarians wish they could say. 

“Your dog has been vomiting for 10 days and NOW it’s an emergency?”

Lets actually be real about this. If you were throwing up for 2 days, wouldn’t you want to get to a doctor? No one lets their child vomit that much and wait to take them in. Dogs can have multiple reasons for vomiting whether it be food intolerance, foreign body, pancreatitis, kidney disease, etc. A one time vomit may not mean anything but for multiple days does require a vet visit. By waiting so long, you can actually be causing your dog more harm.

“He was not abused!”

When you adopt a dog at 8 weeks of age or even 3 months of age and they are fearful, that doesn’t mean they were abused. Not every dog that behaves completely ridiculous was abused, it just doesn’t happen. Get a trainer, get help! A great tip is socializing your puppy! Your veterinarian can always point you in a direction, but a 15-minute appointment will not resolve a behavioral issue. You need a veterinary behaviorist or a reputable trainer. 

“We are not in this for the money”

I am not sitting with a Tesla, on 40 acres in my mansion that is my 3rd home. I do not vacation in Tijuana. I make enough money to live in a home, just big enough for my family. I do not vacation unless I don’t have to pay basically anything, I wear $6 shirts from Target, I drive a used minivan and I don’t even pay to get my hair done. How am I in it for the money?

Veterinary school is a good $350,000 by the time you are done. In our industry, we don’t make enough to pay the minimum standard repayment, even if we handed our check over. So no, I am not getting rich off of your dog’s diagnostics. I don’t make money if you refill your meds with us, and I don’t make extra when I recommend a surgery that a specialist has to do. Veterinary medicine, just like with human medicine costs money. That is just a reality. Having a pet is not required, it is a luxury. 

“We are REAL doctors!”

 I went to Veterinary school and learned the exact same thing that a Medical Doctor learns but instead of on humans I learned it on all species. We diagnose, treat, and perform surgery. Just like a Medical Doctor. In fact, Medical Doctors only do one thing. Whether it be ophthalmology, gastroenterology, general practice, etc. As a veterinarian, I have to be the pet’s dentist, ophthalmologist, internist, etc. We do have specialists but many people don’t use them because they believe we are just in it for the money to perform more diagnostics (See above).

“He is showing me his teeth, he is wearing a muzzle!” 

I cannot tell you the amount of times I walked into a room and a full snarling mouth is sitting there. The client states, “He won’t bite you.” Those are the famous last words. I will muzzle a dog that I do not trust and if you don’t want that, then you can go somewhere else. I have been bitten and thrown more times then I would like because I didn’t want to offend a client. I am now more cautious and my safety and my staff’s safety is a priority. 

So if Tank never bit but today is showing teeth, he will get that muzzle!

Also, if your dog does bite and you know, kindly inform us. 

**These statements were taken from an amazing group of Veterinarians, that truly love their patients**

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