What Veterinarians wish they could say. Part 1


Veterinarians do their best to hold their tongue. They always want to say the truth but are worried that they will offend the client.

So here are 5 things that veterinarians would love to say, but can’t.

“When your family gets Leptospirosis will your breeder cover the cost?”

The family comes in with this adorable new puppy and the dreaded breeder list. I know, not all breeders do this but the ones that do make the rest of them look terrible.

The line reads: DON’T give your dog the Lepto vaccination or else the warranty is voided.

OK…. First where did the breeder get their degree? I am also not truly sure why they state this, but my only assumption is they feel that the Lepto vaccination will cause a reaction. 

Yes, vaccinations can cause reactions although they are rare. So is the risk of Lepto really worth the rare risk to a vaccine reaction? As a veterinarian, who is looking out for your pets and families best interest, I completely recommend it. Lepto is in my area so protection is best. A Lepto vaccination will help not only protect your pet but your family. Why? Because Lepto is zoonotic. It can cause Liver and Kidney failure. I don’t think anyone wants to experience that.

  poSo, if the breeder is saying not to give it, should they be responsible for the bill of your pet and family?

“Your Berniepoo is a mutt, you paid how much for him?”

I am the first person to cave to an adorable fluffy poodle mix. I am going to say it and many won’t agree but these dogs are mutts, mixes, not purebred. I am also the first person to admit that a mix is usually (not always) healthier than a purebred dog, but paying thousands for them is ridiculous. You can walk into any rescue and most kill shelters and find exactly what you spent thousands on.

People are actually mixing breeds, giving them a special name and selling them for longevity. Therefore profiting off your dollar since these mixed breed dogs you can find in rescues and shelters already.

It drives any veterinarian crazy when people will call us money-hungry for a $60 office visit but then spends thousands of dollars on a mixed breed dog. If you are willing to spend the money be willing to care for it properly, which in the end costs more money.

I have learned to hold my tongue on this in the room when people get angry that the Chihuastondoodle is not a breed in the computer. This is ridiculous and I will still mark it as a mixed breed. 

“I am not a bank!”

We aren’t banks. Asking us for a payment plan is like asking for a loan. I can’t pay my associates because I am waiting for your payment that I don’t know if I am getting. Which means the practice suffers because the money you were paying for the bill was going to go into salaries, electricity, rent, equipment, etc. 

You may believe you are the exception, but we cannot take the chance. So how do you afford veterinary care? Pet insurance! Get it, it helps! 

A little piece of our soul dies every time we have to euthanize a pet that can be saved because of finances. Please don’t respond to this stating that Veterinarians should do it for free because we care. Do your job for free first and let me know how you pay your mortgage and then we talk. 

“It sucks being a Veterinarian”

I actually am tired of hearing, “It must be great to be a Vet!” You know I thought that too until I saw the reality. We are #1 in suicides, mental health, depression. Huh? Why would a group of people who dedicate their lives to help save animals be depressed? Why would they commit suicide? Well, between the high student debt, the low salary, the demand from clients who expect us to be available 24/7, the emotional blackmail. Shall I go on?

This job is stressful, we love animals, we want them to be an important part of your life and live as long as possible. It is wearing on our soul the daily fight.

“Your obese dog is not picky and you created the monster”

Obesity does not occur when you have a picky animal. There are diseases that can contribute to your pet gaining, but the food being thrown off the table, the coffee can amount of dog food and all the extra toppers are truthfully the cause. 

Listen to us when we want to prescribe your pet a diet and a diet plan. Take your dogs for walks and think about getting a Fitbit for your pet. Yes, a fit bit! They will need the exercise to help, even if it is down the driveway. 

Your pet is at risk for many different diseases because they are obese. I see more pets with weight problems than anything else and it is an exhausting conversation. You are the sole reason your pet is heavy. 

**These statements were taken from an amazing group of Veterinarians, that truly love their patients**

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