Top 9 Most Common Veterinary Visits


Having to take your animal to the veterinarian can be very stressful. Hopefully, you only take your pet when they need their wellness examinations.  Unfortunately, throughout their lives, you may have to make a trip to the veterinarian not for wellness issues.

As a veterinarian, here are the top nine reasons why people come in to see me.

Skin concerns with or without scratching

This is a huge reason why people bring their pets in. The reasons for skin concerns can be from fleas, mites, allergies, infections, etc. Regardless of if your pet has a skin condition or not the best way to eliminate one type of skin issue is to always keep your pet on a good flea and tick prevention. Fleas are around all year round in some areas and even if your dog/cat doesn’t go outside they are still at risk of getting them. When you see a lesion on your skin it is best to see a veterinarian.

Stomach concerns

Many pets come in for vomiting and/or diarrhea. This can be from picking something up outside, to a foreign body, to pancreatitis, and yes even from the occasional (or all the time) human food. Now not to say that our pets will never have a gastrointestinal issue if they only eat the same dog food every single day, but you have a better chance of that then if you mix the food or add something new into their diet. These symptoms warrant a visit to your veterinarian.

Urinary issues

This includes everything from cats inappropriately urinating because of an infection, bladder stones or even stress. A cat can easily get stressed out by you moving a couch.

With dogs when they have accidents in the house it can be from a multitude of issues. They can have systemic issues, urinary tract infections, urinary sphincter problems, bladder stones, etc.

Regardless of if your dog or cat are inappropriately urinating they both warrant a visit to your veterinarian.

If you pet cannot urinate that is an emergency.

Shaking their head

Ear problems are always occurring in our pets. Dogs and even cats can get ear infections or even ear mites. They can come from other animals, allergies and water in their ears. Using a good ear cleaner can be beneficial in pets, especially after baths and grooming. I would discuss with your veterinarian the best ear cleaner for your pet. I would also recommend if your pet is scratching or shaking their head taking them to a veterinarian. They can perform an ear cytology and determine what is the best medication, if any is needed.


As pets age they can have multiple types of growths pop up on their skin. The only way to truly know what a growth is, is a biopsy of it. If you find a growth on your pet it is best to get it checked out by your veterinarian.

Eye issues

Just like humans, animals have many eye issues.  Sometimes going to your regular veterinarian for them they may refer you to a specialist for a more complete examination. If your pet has an eye issue it is highly recommended to have their eyes checked by your veterinarian as soon as possible.


I say pain but many people just come in because their pet is limping while not fully understanding that this means their pet is actually painful. If your pet is limping then they are feeling pain. Rest is very important but finding the cause is something that is needed and your veterinarian would need to see them.


The best reason to visit a veterinarian is for a wellness examination. Making sure our pets are healthy is extremely important since our pets age so much more quickly then we do. It is the opportunity to get your questions answered and leave with some recommendations.


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