Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Top 5 behavioral changes in cats that warrant a trip to the vet


Catching medical problems early are always best so your Veterinarian can start treatment immediately. Cats behavior is often unpredictable and it may often change. However, there are some behavior changes that can indicate a health problem or that something is going on with your cat.

Determining the cause of sudden behavior changes is essential in offering your pet the care he needs. Here are 5 behavioral changes that you should look out for and which would warrant a trip to the Veterinarian.

  • If your cat started drinking more than normal or has been having a wetter litter box than normal this could indicated different diseases like Kidney disease, diabetes or even hyperthyroidism.  Your Veterinarian will ask for blood work and a urinalysis to make sure your cat is ok.
  • If your cat stopped grooming themselves as frequently. This could indicate either that your cat does not feel good due to some disease going on or your cat may be too obese to reach the spots they used to groom. Either way a trip to the Veterinarian will be beneficial.
  • Changes in appetite. If you recently adopted a cat and they aren’t eating a lot this could be due to stress. If they have become voracious hyperthyroidism could be affecting your kitty. If they aren’t eating at all or have had a decrease in eating there could be some medical disorder haunting your cat and regardless if your cat had an increase or decrease in appetite blood work is warranted. If your cat doesn’t eat at all they can develop a fatal liver disease. It is extremely important that cats eat!
  • Has your cat developed bad breath? Having a Veterinarian look at your cats mouth to see if they have dental disease or the smell could indicate different systemic disease going on. Your Veterinarian will recommend blood work and potentially a dental depending on your cat’s mouth.
  • Was your cat always a great sleeper at night? Did all of a sudden your cat start vocalizing more at night and walking around more? This could be signs of them not feeling good and a sign that they need to see their Veterinarian.

Cat’s will very subtly show signs of illness. Always watch your cat to see if any behavioral changes have formed. These subtle changes, if taken seriously, can help your Veterinarian catch diseases earlier and help them start treatment as soon as possible.

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