Top 10 items you need for a new Puppy


Bringing a new puppy home is exciting, but if you don’t have everything in place when you welcome your new pet home, you’ll be scrambling to get the stuff you need. Before you bring your puppy home, you will need to stock up on these important puppy essentials.

Here’s a checklist of items you should definitely make sure you get ahead of time:

  1. Puppy Food – Talk to your veterinarian about appropriate food options.
  2. Dog chew toys – A new puppy will chew anything, including your shoes, furniture and even throw rugs. Make sure you have plenty of dog toys for them to chew instead.
  3. Bowls – Ceramic, plastic, or stainless steel, make sure they aren’t too big for your new puppy.
  4. Crate – Dogs love the comfort and security offered by a snug space of their own. It’s important to find a crate that’s just the right size for your puppy. Dog crates for puppies should not have too much room, because then the puppy is likely to have an accident inside of it. A proper sized crate is also a helpful tool for house-training.
  5. Bedding –  There are many options when it comes to dog beds, but your puppy only really cares that his bed is soft and clean. Towels, blankets or fancy plush dog beds are also all acceptable.
  6. Leash and collar – Introduce your puppy to their dog leash and dog collar or harness, and get them accustomed to wearing it by letting them wear it in the house prior to taking going outside for walks.
  7. ID Tags – At minimum, include your puppy’s name and your phone number .
  8. An enzyme cleaner – Even the best-trained puppy will have an accident at some point, and it should be cleaned up within seconds, when possible. The difference between enzyme cleansers like Nature’s Miracle cleaners and your regular household spray is that the enzymes will eliminate odors that only your dog can smell, reducing any reminder that she’s gone potty in any particular part of your house.
  9. Brushes and Combs – Suited to your puppy’s coat; ask your veterinarian about an appropriate brush or comb for your dog.
  10. Dog Gates – There may be areas of your home that aren’t puppy proofed or that you don’t want your puppy to enter. Use puppy gates to block off these areas so your puppy doesn’t get into trouble!

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