Tips for the Cold Weather


The cold weather is upon us. This means for us, jackets, sweaters, scarves, etc. What does it mean for our dogs?

Many people believe that dog’s have a natural jacket, a fur coat. It seems that would be true but this fur coat will not properly protect our dog from the elements and especially when the temperature drops to below freezing.

So with hypothermia bring a huge factor when we bring out pets outdoors, what should you do?

Understand what your dog can handle

Depending on your own personal dog will depend if they are able to be out for longer or not. The smaller dogs that are not used to the cold should have a jacket or sweater on them to keep them warm. The winter breed dogs are able to tolerate more. 

Remember, that even if you have a winter breed dog, that does not mean it is ok to keep them outside. 

Just like humans, pets can die from hypothermia. 

Watch out for toxins

During these months there are a few different toxic materials to be on the lookout for. Antifreeze is very common and can have devastating effects on your pet. While, antifreeze is a toxin we worry about most in the winter months we also have to remember that road salt can have some effects on our pets. 

The best practice is to wipe all paws when coming in from outside. That way we can ensure they do not lick any of these. 

Decrease their walk time

Everyone talks about obesity in pets and making sure they are getting their walks. We do have to remember that in the colder months they may not be able to handle such a long walk. Decreasing the amount of time they are walking is best. Don’t forget about exercise though, which can be performed indoors during these months. 

Remember that once you are inside you should wipe off their paws. 

Dress your pet

Yes, we are telling you to dress your pet. Layers just like in people are best. It will help your pet stay comfortable in the outdoor weather. 

If there is snow and salt on the ground, booties are always a great idea. It will help decrease the injuries and keep their paws warm. 

Don’t keep your pets outside especially in the freezing temperatures

The best place for your pet is inside when the temperatures drop. Remember hypothermia is real and even though they have a fur coat it will not fully protect them from it. 

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