Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The Feeder Every Cat Needs


Many people these days want to feed their pets as they are the wild animals they used to be. While we need to understand that our pets are domesticated, a cat does need some aspect of wild feeding that their species craves. Feeding them with a mind stimulating, hunting system can help them with many different issues.

Indoor cats are prone to behavioral problems, overweight, and even medical conditions related to stress. This can be brought on by stress and boredom. This is why one Veterinarian made it her mission to create a product to help our cats have a more fulfilling life. 

When I found out about this product, I started to recommend it to clients who have cats with behavioral issues and weight problems.  This system has been a very positive addition to many of my clients and now, it has become a standard to recommend even if they are doing well at home.

The cats that are fed with this system have a lower chance of becoming overweight, have less of a chance of behavioral problems and have less of a change of different medical conditions brought on by stress.

So what exactly is this amazing system? It is 3 interactive feeders that you put their food in and hide throughout the house. By doing this you bring back your cat’s natural instinct to hunt.

So what “bad” behaviors have we seen this curb?

The Scarf and Barf

This is when your cat eats a lot of food way too fast and barfs it right up. This is a big concern in many clients of mine. This system has effectively decreased and eliminated this in many cats by slowing down their eating.

Curb Destructive Behaviors

How does it eliminate or decrease destructive behaviors? It keeps your pet active. Cats, while they love sitting around all day can lead to boredom. They need to be up and moving about. This system lets them hunt for their food, giving them less time to tear up your couch and stimulating them enough that they are not bored.


This hunting method also decreases the risk of an overweight cat! How? When they are running around the house searching for their mouse they are moving around more, giving them more exercise.

Try out Doc & Phoebe’s Indoor Hunting Cat Feeder and see how much happier your cat can be! 

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