Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Safety tips for your pet during New Year’s fireworks shows


New Year’s Eve, fireworks and pets do not go together. While you may be celebrating, each explosion in the sky will make for a scary start to 2019 for your furry friends.

To make sure New Years is safe and enjoyable for both pets and yourself, here are some tips on how to keep animals safe and comfortable during the celebrations.

  • Fireworks can be very scary and overwhelming for dogs. The experience things through their senses so they are particularly sensitive to the burning smells, lights and booms of fireworks.  This can stress dogs out enough to make them  run from the situation causing them stress. 
  • Give your pet a safe place to hide. Depending on your pet, this can mean different things from being in their crate to curled up in a den of blankets to being in a separate room with toys. You can also use a white noise machine or play soft music to help block out the sound of fireworks.
  • Exercise your dog before the fireworks begin to get them tired and help lower their stress levels.
  • If it is necessary to be outside with your dog during the fireworks displays make sure they are restrained with a leash and harness. Make sure they are wearing a collar with an ID tag that is up to date.
  • Take a current photo. If worse comes to worst and posters have to be made, a current photo is going to be much more helpful than their cute puppy portrait.

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