Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Puppy Proofing your home


The day you get to bring home is extremely exciting. Getting your home ready prior to them arriving is so important. A new puppy can bring a crazy amount of fun but a world wind of trouble. Making sure your new puppy doesn’t get into anything in your home and that they are safe should always be a top priority.

How do you puppy proof your home?

Locking Trash cans

Dogs are notorious for figuring out how to open a trash can. This can lead to them consuming food that they shouldn’t and end up with a visit to the hospital. Buy a locking trash bin, that way you never have to worry.

Window Treatments

Puppies will go around pulling and biting on anything they can. A curtain is a great way for a puppy to not only get hurt but damage your home. Cords can also cause a huge problem if they especially chew them and swallow the pieces. Tying these up until they get used to your home is important.

Put Medication Away

You may not think medication would be something a puppy would want to get into, but this is one of the most common phone calls. My puppy ate this medication, will they be ok? Putting your medication in closets and cabinets your new puppy can’t reach would be ideal.

Make sure electrical cords are out of reach

Cord covers are important, since most puppies love the chance to chew on things. They can seriously get hurt, with electrical burns or foreign bodies. Just like with babies investing in covers for your outlets and securing all wire.

Put Indoor plants high 

Plants are beautiful and are great to have in your home. The concern is many plants are toxic to puppies. Finding puppy friendly plants is best, but understanding the risk of the current toxic plants you have and putting them up high is important. If your pet eats a plant and you don’t know if it is calling Poison control is the best way to determine if getting to a veterinarian as soon as possible is important.

Outdoor supplies should be put away 

There are many things outdoors and in the garage that can be extremely harmful and toxic to our pets.

  • Antifreeze – can be fatal. If your pet ingests it go to the emergency clinic immediately. Lock it high up and away.
  • Rat Poison – can cause serious complications. Not only bleeding issues but also neurological concerns.

Nails, tools (large and small) should be stored high up and in places your puppy has no chance of getting.

Making sure your garage doors have a motion sensor on them, that way if your puppy tries to run out the garage and the doors are closing they will stop.

Puppies are a ton of fun, but making sure they are safe is important!

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