Thursday, October 17, 2019

7 Pet Myths Debunked


As people scour the internet they come across so many different pet myths. It is important to make sure you get the correct information.  If you have questions about something your read on the internet, it is important to ask your veterinarian to confirm.

Here are the tops myths that we debunked for you!

Dogs mouths are cleaner than human mouths.

The best way I can debunk this is to have people remember that dogs will eat their own poop, lick their butt and their feet after running around outside. Their mouths are far dirtier than a humans mouth. If you think that the cut or wound your dog has is going to be healed from them licking it, instead it will actually make the wound a lot worse.

If your dog runs around the backyard that is enough exercise to make them lose the weight.

Actually watch your dog out back. Are they running around or just enjoying the backyard? Most of the time they are just enjoying the backyard and not running laps. If your pup needs to lose weight it is recommended to take your dog for a walk instead of just putting them in the backyard. Not only is it good for them but good for you.

My dog ate grass so he must be sick.

On the contrary.  Your dog ate grass because dogs do this and they then get sick from the grass.  It is recommended to not let your dog eat grass. If your dog picks stuff up and eats the grass it is best to put them on a leash instead of letting them run around the backyard. When they eat the grass they can be ingesting parasite eggs or even substances that can be toxic to them.

When my cat purrs he is happy

While people don’t truly understand a cats purr, this can mean that he is happy, nervous or even can happen prior to death. Watch for other cues when your cat is purring to pinpoint how your cat is feeling.

For every year my dog is alive, that equals 7 human years.

How many years your dog will live depends on their genetics, their breed, and size.  Larger purebred dogs live shorter lives than small mix breed dogs. Looking for a dog with longevity? Then look into a mutt that is smaller.

My dog’s nose is dry they must be sick

Dogs noses can be dry for many reasons and it does not indicate that your pup is sick. If their nose is wet they may have just drank some water or even licked it.

Dog’s should eat like wolves.

Many people may not agree with this answer but dogs are domesticated animals.  They are no longer carnivores like wolves are. They also have a longer lifespan than a wild wolf which eats a raw based diet.  A domesticated dog can live all the way up to 18 years of age with the proper nutrition and health care. Our domesticated dogs need different nutrients then a wild wolf does. Discuss with your veterinarian different diets that would help benefit your pup.

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