National Walk Your Pet Month


January is National Walk your Pet Month! We know in most places it may be cold, but with everyone starting resolutions this is a good one to get out and get moving. Which in turn will not only help you but your pup

What benefits can you obtain by walking your dog?

Walking helps with mental stimulation

Dogs that are indoors can become bored. There is only so much stimulation inside. So getting them up and out of the house can help satisfy them. By doing this you can help lower their stress levels making them a less anxious dog.

They will be tired

How is this good? Well a tired dog is well behaved. They won’t have the energy to be destructive or hyperactive. You might notice a decrease in unwanted activity, like chewing, jumping on people or even scratching.

Continue to build the bond

Having a strong bond with your pet is important and by walking them daily or a few times a week you can continue to strengthen that. This gives you and your pup quality time and will help build their confidence.

It will help with the weight loss

Lets be honest, most dogs are overweight. What is the best way besides food to get the pounds off? Exercise. This activity will not only help with your dog’s extra pounds but your own.

So get out there and get moving. You and your dog will be thankful!

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