Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Just Another Day at the Vet


Working in the veterinary industry has some bad moments but also moments that you really will never forget. I have more stories than not of the craziness that happens up front, in the rooms, and in the treatment area. I sometimes wonder if everyone’s job is like this.  While other people have great times and funny moments, they cannot compare to the moments in your local veterinary office.

Let me paint you this picture. Sarah, our technician, and Jenny our receptionist were working that day. We had a client called Mrs. Smith come in. Her dog Fluffy needed her annual vaccinations that day. Now obviously I disguised all names to protect the privacy of people.

After the appointment, Sarah brought our client up to the front to check her out for her appointment with Fluffy. Jenny was sitting at the desk answering calls and doing her work, thankfully this was a slow time during the day. Sara was busy discussing the appointment again with Mrs. Smith, going over the medication and all the wonderful computer stuff that needs to be completed.

All of a sudden Mrs. Smith tightly holds on to the counter and kneels down screaming, “I’m a dog, I’m a dog”. No reaction came from Sarah so Jenny asked Mrs. Smith if everything was ok but Mrs. Smith still screamed, “ I’m a dog, I’m a dog.”  Sarah continues to type away at the computer finishing the check out process. Jenny asked Mrs. Smith what was wrong again and Mrs. Smith stated she had to use the restroom. Jenny went to show her where she could go when Mrs. Smith replied, “I already did”.

Jenny walked around and there it was a river of urine that was not from fluffy. Sarah looks up and goes, “ok your all set we will see you soon.” Mrs. Smith left and we had a lake of human urine to clean up.  

Although crazy things happen here thankfully this one is not a typical day, but to work in this field you need a sense of humor and you need to realize that it will be messy and people get personal.  

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