Tuesday, February 18, 2020

January is Walk Your Dog Month


January is walk your dog month. Walking your dog daily can have a ton of benefits for not only your dog but also you. All you need a 30-minute walk a few times a week and you can be on your way to the many benefits of walking your dog.

Strengthen your bond

This can strengthen your bond between you and your pup. You need quality time together and a walk can provide that foundation.

Helps with weight control

Walking is great for your weight and your dog’s weight. This will help both of you stay fit and as your dog ages, it will be easier on their joints.  

Reduces Loneliness

Walking by yourself or not being around others can make you feel very lonely. When walking with your dog it can actually reduce this feeling leading to you being happier and improve your mental health.

So get up and get out of the house!  Walk your dog this month. If you are consistent it will become a routine that you love.

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