Thursday, October 17, 2019

Why your vet takes your pet in “the back”


Did you ever go to the Vet with your pet and they say they want to take your animal “In the back?” Many people are very hesitant about this and feel their animal will be more stressed than anything, when in reality it is typically the opposite. Veterinarians and vet techs are much more able to perform their jobs safer without you present.

Many Vet hospitals don’t have windows to the back, which can make you uneasy about what is going on with your pet. Rest assured that your pet is receiving the best care possible.

So why do Vets take your pets to “the back?”

Sometimes we just want to hug your pet

The veterinary field is a very emotionally draining profession. That is why currently there is a lot of discussion around compassion fatigue and suicide being at such a high rate in the profession. Sometimes we really just want to cuddle the puppies and kittens. If we want to take your adorable puppy or kitty in the back it may just be that we just need a minute and need a hug.

Your pet is usually less stressed without you

Many times dogs are more stressed with their owners. It can either be from being protective of their owner to playing off your anxiety. Once we take you out of the equation we may be able to do everything without extremely stressing your pet out.

There are more hands back there

Typically at a vet hospital multiple patients are being treated at the same time. Which in turns can sometimes limit the amount of staff available to accompany the veterinarian in the room. By bringing your pet into the back we are able to borrow a technician to appropriately restrain your pet in a safe manner for everyone.

You may be in the way

Vets completely understand that these beautiful animals are family. You may want to calm them down by petting them or hugging them. Unfortunately, this can make your pet more stressed out and it can also make them more inclined to bite. The issue comes is when you are in the area most likely to be bitten.

Many pet owners state, “They would never bite me.” A dog or cat will react out of fear and grab the first thing they get to which unfortunately can be you.

The small rooms can make animals sometimes feel cornered

Some animals need more space. When they are confined to small areas they can become fear aggressive which will make our jobs harder. We want everyone, including your pet and you to have a calm, safe visit which can sometimes be out of the exam room.

When your pet is taken into “the back” they are being taken into a treatment area. Sometimes it can be the wording that makes people uneasy, but remember your veterinarian and their staff love animals and will treat your pet like their own. If you are nervous about “the back” ask your veterinarian if you are able to see the area.

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