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Housebreaking your new puppy


Housebreaking a puppy can be very frustrating. Housebreaking a puppy calls for schedules and persistence. Understand that they will not be housebroken in one day or one week and you will have accidents in the house. This process takes time. It can be especially difficult if the puppy was raised in a cage or pen. Imagine defecating and urinating in the same place you sleep and eat and all of a sudden you are expected to separate all of this. It is very difficult for a puppy to understand.

A puppy can hold it’s urine for however many months they are plus one. So if the puppy is 4 months old you should make sure you take them out at least every 5 hours.

Getting a schedule down is going to be best for your puppy. Every morning when you wake up you should always take the puppy out. You should also take them out a second time right before you leave and it should be the first thing you do when you get home. Remember this is the first time your little bundle of joy is learning this so they don’t fully understand the concept of going to the bathroom outside.

It is best to walk your puppy multiple times a day even if they are not asking to go outside. Monitor the puppy and how their behavior is when they have to go to the bathroom. That way you can get clues as to when is the best time to take them out. Another way to get them on a bathroom schedule is by using their feeding schedules. Puppies, depending on age and breed, may need to be fed two to three times a day. If this is consistent when they go to the bathroom it is usually after they eat so you can keep them on a schedule with their eating.

Always reward your puppy when they go to the bathroom outside. You can either reward them with praise or if they are food driven you can reward them with treats. If you are going to reward them with treats always remember to bring the treats outside with you. Reward your puppy with praise or treats immediately after they are finished with urinating or defecating. This is because puppies tend to have a short attention span and if they are interrupted they may forget to finish and then can have an accident in the house when they come back in.

Always monitor your puppy so they do not have the opportunity to urinate or defecate. If they have an accident and you are not watching it cannot be their fault because they don’t understand yet. If you cannot watch them fully it is best to crate train them. A crate is a great tool for not only a puppy but also a dog. If your puppy is crate trained it makes everything easier as they get older with going to the groomer, veterinarians and even if you have to kennel them they know a crate as being a safe place.

When walking your puppy actually walk them on a leash. If you let them run around the backyard off leash they may not eliminate or may not fully eliminate and then when they come in they may have an accident in your house. It is best during the training process to walk the puppy on a leash even if it is in the fenced backyard and then once they eliminate properly they can run around.

So your puppy had an accident in your house. What do you do? If you didn’t catch them in the act then you can’t do anything about it except clean up the mess. If you tried to yell at a puppy who eliminated before then they don’t know what they are getting in trouble for. If you catch them in the act gave them a loud, No! Then pick up your puppy and taken them outside. Praise them for finishing outside!

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