Friday, December 6, 2019

Healthy dog euthanized because of owner’s last dying wish


A family typically includes pets and when you pass away you want your pet to be well cared for. You want them to live their life with someone you respect, love and trust. Never would people image that an owner would want their beloved, healthy pet euthanized to ultimately be buried with them.

Emma’s owner had very different intentions. Her owner had one last dying wish, which was to have Emma euthanized and laid to rest with her.

On March 8, Emma arrived at Chesterfield County Animal Shelter in Chesterfield, VA. During Emma’s stay at the shelter they requested on numerous occasions for the executor of the will to sign Emma over so they can find a home for her. With how healthy and well cared for she was this would be an easy task. Their pleas were ultimately ignored.

On March 22, Emma was taken out of the shelter by the executor of the will. They denied the shelter’s request to sign her over so they can find her a home. Taken directly to a veterinarian, Emma was euthanized, cremated and her ashes were returned to the the representative of the woman’s estate.

Understandably, people have not taken lightly to this news since a healthy life ultimately ended. Previously, the practice of being buried with your pet was not legal. Recently laws have been changing stating that dog’s ashes can be buried with the owner. Some states allow this but they have to be buried in a different part of the cemetery. Other states say the cemeteries must be family owned and certain states will allow people to be buried in a pet cemetery.

Euthanasia is not a decision veterinarians take lightly as this weighs on their hearts as well as the families. Many veterinarians will not euthanize pets for convenience, but with this growing trend of being buried with your pet, owners may start for the push.


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