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Financial Help for Veterinary Care Costs


Pets bring so much to our lives, but owning a pet comes with responsibilities. Among those responsibilities is the commitment to provide health care for your pet, and health care comes at a cost. In 2016, American pet owners spent more than $15 billion on veterinary care. Routine visits to the vet run dog owners an average of $231 each year and $193 for cat owners. When pets required surgical care, those yearly vet bills increased to $621 for dogs and $382 for cats.

Veterinary prices can definitely cause some stress. Thankfully, there are some great websites, companies and nonprofits that are willing to help families in low-income situations.

Here are a few:

Handicapped Pet Foundation

This non-profit helps handicapped pets live great mobile lives. They dedicate themselves to the elderly, disabled. and injured pets.

The Pet Fund

This non-profit provides finances to people who cannot afford veterinary care. They are currently receiving about 200 calls a day of people who need help and are always accepting donations. Their goal is to decrease the number of animals being dropped off at a shelter due to treatable veterinary issues.

Red Rover Foundation

This website provides finances when people and animals are in a crisis.  They also provide care for animals in life-threatening situations, people in low-income situations and victims of domestic violence.

Harley’s Hope Foundation

This is a nonprofit that offers emergency veterinary care for treatment only.  They do not cover diagnosing a pet.  If your pet has a diagnosis and a treatment plan then this is a great non-profit to contact if you cannot afford the treatment.

Brown Dog Foundation

This is a non-profit that allocates funds for pets whose life is in danger.  They not only help pay for veterinary care but offer guidance and referral to lower the cost. Understand with this non-profit they do not reimburse you they pay to the veterinary hospital.  They also will not just pay any amount they can if you need thousands they will not accept you as someone they can donate too.  

Shakespeare Animal Fund

This is a nonprofit foundation that is there to help elderly and disabled people whose total income does not exceed the current federal poverty guidelines.  

The Onyx & Breezy Foundation

This is a nonprofit that does many different things.  They help with spay and neuter programs, rescue animals from kill shelters, help with puppy mill rescues and disaster relief and much more.

The Petassure discount card

This card you sign up for and pay a monthly fee.  After paying the monthly fee you can take the card to an in-network veterinarian and you will receive an instant discount.  

Care Credit

This is a credit card specifically used for medical expenses.  You get 0% interest for so many months.  You just have to make sure your veterinarian accepts the card.

Do you have a specific breed? There are actually many foundations that provide help with veterinary costs if the animal is a specific breed.  

Crowdfunding is a great option also.  Start a gofundme account and tell your story.  Make sure you share on social media to get your story heard.  Plenty of people have raised a lot of money with crowdfunding.

There are also many different foundations and local charities that help with veterinary costs.  Always check with your veterinarian and with the large emergency hospitals since sometimes they have a fund that was donated to help animals in need.

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