Neutered scar has become very red

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Spring asked 1 year ago

Our 4 year old dog was neutered a few weeks ago. Recently his scar has become very red and we are not sure why. He doesn’t lick the area in our presence or else we’d think it’s a skin irritation. Would you have any idea why its becoming red? Is it normal to do that?

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MariaMaria Staff answered 1 year ago

I am sorry your pup is having this issue.  I would recommend having your veterinarian evaluate the area.  It may be that he is licking at the area when you are not around or are sleeping or he may have even rubbed it on something causing irritation. Without actually seeing the area it is difficult to state what is causing it.  You can always upload a picture when submitting a question to Ask the Vet so we can see what you are describing.