Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Dog tested positive for Rabies!


A dog recently tested positive for Rabies in El Paso County in Colorado. Rabies is a fatal disease that can easily be prevented. Right now it is not known where the rabies vaccination came from and who administered it.

This brings an important point to the surface that while people are trying to cut corners and save money by avoiding the veterinarian it is extremely important that vaccinations be administered by a licensed vet. These days you can easily purchase vaccinations from a feed store or online. Unfortunately, it is hard to know if these were handled properly or if they were purchased originally from credible sources.

Licensed Veterinarians are the only people legally allowed to vaccinate a dog or cat with the Rabies vaccination. This is to confirm that not only was the vaccination stored and handled correctly but given at the right dose and correct frequency.

Thankfully cases like this are rare with the availability of vaccinations and strict vaccination laws regarding the rabies vaccination. Rabies is in the United States and can be as close as your backyard so vaccinating our pets is extremely important.

It doesn’t take a bite to contract Rabies. All you need is the saliva from the affected animal and a cut, wound or eyes/nose/mouth to become infected. Once clinical signs appear it is almost always fatal.

What is Rabies

Rabies is a virus that causes inflammation to the brain and spinal cord. All mammals are susceptible to rabies. This includes humans.

How is it transmitted?

It is transmitted through the saliva of the affected animal. It does not have to be transmitted by a bite wound. 

What are the clinical signs?

Animals can show confusion, aggression or even abnormal behavior.

What to do if you think you came in contact with a Rabid animal?

Get immediate medical treatment. Post-Exposure vaccinations are extremely effective. With these vaccinations if given prior to clinical signs it is 100% preventable.

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