Tree Frogs – Care Guide

American green tree frogs are great hardy pets. These small frogs are timid and most don't tolerate being handled well. Being handle can cause them stress which can affect their health. They are not...

Aquatic Turtles – Care Guide

Aquatic turtles can be found in or near water all over the world and make wonderful pets. Most aquatic turtles will leave the water to bask on dry land, but spend most of their...

Ferret – Care Guide

Though domesticated for millennia, the quirky little ferret has only been popular as a pet for about 30 years. Although they resemble rodents, ferrets are actually members of the carnivorous mustelid family, alongside otters,...

Thinking about a pet snake?

For new owners that are inexperienced with snake, corn snakes, king/milk snakes, or ball pythons are the best choice for pet snakes. These types of snakes tend to be gentle, and meeting...

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