Drone Captures Whales Swimming Around Divers

The stunning moment a group of divers get up-close-and-personal with a pair of curious humpback whales in the Ningaloo Reef, off Western Australia. Dan Spillane, filmed the amazing birds-eye footage as the two giants swam...

Bison attacks 9-year-old girl at Yellowstone National Park

A young girl’s frightening encounter with a bison at Yellowstone National Park was captured on camera, showing the bull charging and sending her flying into the air. According to witnesses, a group of approximately 50...

Critically Endangered Western Chimpanzee Born At Zoo

A critically endangered chimpanzee has been born at Chester Zoo in in Cheshire, England. The baby, a female Western chimpanzee, is the first of its kind to be born at the zoo for nearly a...


All animals have fun, playful sides. This adorable parrot plays peekaboo with an outdoor cat. Join our Facebook group! Ask questions and get answers and be apart of a community.

Kitten Rescued trapped from a Pipe

They heard a cat meowing and discovered the poor kitten trapped in a pipe that it couldn't climb out of. They lowered a rope down and amazingly the kitten climbed it's way...

Puppy Confused by Baby Carrot

A golden retriever puppy has been caught on camera thoroughly confused after encountering a baby carrot for the first time. The puppy can't seem to figure out if it is a toy or something...

Cat is a Cute Little Climber

He REALLY wants those feathers.

Cat sets off house alarm

Cat knocked a picture frame off a table and set off the **SOUND-ACTIVATED** glass break alarm. The owner comes running to disable the alarm and turns around to look at the cat....

The Hazards of Being a Wildlife Photographer

Wildlife photographers cannot interact with the wildlife. In this situation, they just have to go with the flow. Doesn't seem to bad though.

Cat really wants pizza

This cat is going to plot its revenge on you for this.

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