Saturday, April 20, 2019

Vet Life

Vet life features opinion editorials from Veterinarians and their staff

Life in a Disrespected Profession

As a veterinarian I encounter many different people and personalities daily.  I have had the sweet old lady to the screaming one. I have...

Student Loan Debt – When the Panic Hits

The shattering phone call One recent phone call shook me to the core and threatened the already shaky financial future of not only myself but...

Is Becoming a Veterinarian Worth it?

All who know me are aware that the topic of student debt is a very personal one. It is a subject that haunts me...

Just Another Day at the Vet

Working in the veterinary industry has some bad moments but also moments that you really will never forget. I have more stories than not...

10 Tips For the New Veterinarian

During veterinary school, you will learn a lot of information, but there are many things that school does not teach you. Many things that...

The Best Part of being a Veterinarian

I have written articles in the past about the downside to the veterinary profession. The dark side that people don’t typically see. With any...

The Top 5 Ways you Annoy your Veterinarian and Vet Techs: Are You Guilty?

You love your dog, we love your dog…we may even harbor warm feels for you. In efforts to take our relationship to the next...

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