Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Calming your dog during a storm


With the summer quickly approaching and already during spring, the thunderstorms are at full capacity. Just like with people, it can be difficult for some animals to stay calm during these storms. There are great pharmaceutical options that you can obtain from your veterinarian but there are some things you can do to try and help your pet relax with medication.

These may not work for every pet and if not following up with your veterinarian is important.

Creating a safe place

A safe place is definitely needed if an animal is scared of storms. A crate is a wonderful safe place for dogs. Putting their favorite bed and toy in there and keeping it open can great a comforting place they can go during this stressful period. If you have an open metal crate, putting  a blanket over it can add to the comfort. 

Rescue Remedy

This is a blend of Bach flower extracts. Rescue Remedy promotes the need for calmness during the storms or whatever is making your animal anxious. It is for immediate use when the anxiety issue is occurring at that time.


The Thundershirt provides a snug hug to help promote calmness. Many dogs have had success with this as it comforts them. You can easily use this to help with separation anxiety or even with vet anxiety. 


Trying to desensitize them is important. With this you are getting them ready for the storm. Playing a soft noise of thunder in the background and slowly working your way louder can be one way to help get them used to the sounds of a storm. When you are trying this method also applying the other materials will help during an actual thunderstorm. 


When a storm is coming you can always make sure you take your dog’s mind off of it by doing something that they love. Maybe a toy, treat or a game that they usually want to play with is ideal.

If these don’t help your pet, a visit to your veterinarian may be in order. They would be able to provide medication to help your pet remain calm during a storm.

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