Wednesday, January 29, 2020

7 Cats Died and 14 Dogs Rescued in Veterinary Hospital Fire


It is a fear of every pet owner. Having your pet either boarding or being medically treated overnight and getting a call that your pet was killed in a fire. It is also the fear of every hospital owner, losing patients due to a fire and making the call.

This is the sad case at Falconbridge Animal Hospital in Durham, NC. 

A fire broke out in the animal hospital just before 10 pm Tuesday night. After the crews extinguished the fire and left the scene it reignited. 

Crews tried to rescue all the animals inside. They did rescue 14 dogs, but unfortunately, 7 cats died.

The animals died as a result of smoke inhalation and the fire was contained to the breakroom. The cause is still under investigation.

This is a heartbreaking situation and we extend our condolences to all the pet owners who lost their family members, staff and owner of Falconbridge Animal Hospital. 

Project Breathe 

The Invisible Fence Brand created Project Breathe. This project donates 1 mask kit when requested to a fire station so they can help save a pet when in a fire. Since most animals succumb in a fire due to smoke inhalation this project has already helped save the lives of more animals. 

Request a donation to your fire station today. 


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