Tuesday, February 18, 2020

6 Ways to Stop Your Dog from Pulling on Their Leash


Walking your dog can help you in so many ways. With the mental help and the physical help it will have on your body, daily walks are important for both you and your dog. That is if your dog is not dragging your down the street. So how do you make it so walking your dog can be a positive experience vs them pulling so much?

Here are 5 great tips to help curb the pull!

Get a gentle leader or another front clip harness

There are a few different types of no-pull harnesses. Making sure it is a front clip harness or gentle leader is important. When the leash clips on your dog’s back it will promote more pulling. While this will not solve the problem completely it will help make your walks more enjoyable.

Let your dog be a dog

For dogs, walking isn’t just getting exercise. It is the time they get to enjoy the smells and scenes around them which helps with their mental stimulation. Having them sniff around and explore their environment will not only tire them out but turn them into a more well-behaved dog. 

Say goodbye to the retractable leash

Retractable leashes are not only dangerous for our dogs but for us. Dogs can get too far ahead with a retractable leash which can leave them in danger. If they run into the street they can get hit by a car or up to a dog aggressive dog they can be attacked. They have also been known for causing some horrible injuries when they snap back or when dogs get wrapped around them.

Bring along some yummy treats

If your pet needs a distraction, whether it is because of another dog or even a squirrel, a simple sit and stay command works well. Their reward would be their favorite treat. If you are consistent with it when the distraction appears they will typically sit and wait. 

Stop in place when the pulling starts

Once your dog starts to pull, just stop in place. By doing this Having trouble stopping them from pulling you can easily just stop walking. By making them stop you are showing them that by not pulling they will continue to go on their walk. The reward is the continuation of the walk once they calmed down.

Tire them out before a walk

During the walk, you will notice the pulling will get less and less. That is because your dog is getting more and more tired. If you get your dog tired before the walk they won’t pull as much, making your walk more enjoyable.

Try these tricks to help you enjoy the walks with your dog even more.

What tricks have you tried to curb the pull in your dog?


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