5 Important Training Tips for a New Puppy


Adopting a new puppy is very exciting. There is so much information on how to get your puppy to behave properly, how do you know what is right? Do you take them to puppy class, working together alone or hire a trainer?

Before you take your new puppy to the veterinarian for their first visit starting with training at home can be very beneficial. WIth different behavioral problems you are having at home, your veterinarian can either refer you to a private dog trainer or a group puppy class.

Consistency is key

Whether you are trying to potty train, stop the puppy biting or teach them to stop jumping being consistent is key. If people in the house are not doing the same thing then your new puppy will end up being confused and not know what commands you want.

Be Positive!

Positive reinforcement is very important. Praising them for doing something good instead of punishing for doing something wrong. Your puppy needs to learn the right way. If you punish them for doing something bad, they may become fearful and they will not understand what is right.

Exercise, exercise, exercise

A tired puppy is a well-behaved puppy. Making sure your puppy is getting enough exercise will definitely help with the training process. Don’t just have your dog run around the backyard. Take them out for a walk or throw the ball around.

Keep training to short frequent sessions

Just like a child who doesn’t have a long attention span, a puppy’s will be very short. As you start training sessions do many short sessions throughout the day.

Create a routine

Creating a routine for your puppy will help them learn faster and make it easier for everyone. Having a routine can have many benefits for a new puppy.

Don’t know what your puppy needs when you bring them home? Check this out!

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