Monday, December 16, 2019

5 Dog Breeds to Think Twice About


Adopting a dog is a life-changing decision and picking the right breed is extremely important. There are some great purebred dogs for adoption and some wonderful mixes. Regardless if you want a purebred or mix breed make sure you do your research when deciding on a breed. As a veterinarian, I have seen multiple pet owners adopt certain breed without researching them and unfortunately, the situation was not favorable. While these breeds can be amazing dogs, especially to experienced dog owners, they are breeds that you should think twice on.


Many people are drawn to a Bulldog since they are so cute, cuddly and have the most ridiculous wrinkles especially as a puppy. We say in Veterinary medicine there is no such thing as a free Bulldog. Between their expensive skin issues, allergies, breathing problems, and orthopedic disease this breed can put a huge damper on finances.  Wanting to adopt a bulldog? I always say to have some finances set aside for health concerns.

On top of financial concerns they have, they also can have a bit of a temper. If you decide to adopt a type of Bulldog make sure you get a trainer to work with them and with you to have them become the perfect dog.

German Shepherds

This breed is extremely intelligent and protective. This concern with them they typically have fear aggression. Fear aggression is when they are in an uncomfortable situation for them and they can become aggressive. This breed is not a good breed for a first time dog owner. If you decide on a German Shepherd it is always recommended to get a trainer.  

The other concern with German Shepherds are they are prone to multiple different medical problems.  Some diseases they are prone to are panosteitis, elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, etc. In veterinary school, the rule was if the question asked what breed is predisposed to a medical condition you can put German Shepherd and you would get it right.  If adopting a German Shepherd make sure you have the finances for one.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This is a beautiful, family friendly breed. So why is this on the list? This breed is prone to Mitral Valve Disease. While this disease can be maintained, it can be costly with multiple trips to the Cardiologist and medications for life. It can also shorten their lifespan.


The cute sausage dog it on the list since it is not an ideal breed for a family with young children. Why? It is the most aggressive dog breed. This breed has the most bites recorded. The question here is they are also prone to intervertebral disc disease which can cause pain. I sometimes wonder is it the breed or the fact that they are in pain? Intervertebral disc disease can actually paralyze them. If this occurs they typically need surgery within 24 hours of becoming paralyzed. This surgery is very expensive, so once again make sure you have the finances and a trainer for this breed. 


A cute cuddly husky is very appealing.  They just are not good for a first time dog owner. Having very high energy and being independent make them very difficult when not given enough exercise. These dogs need someone who has experience with dogs and understands the energy that they have. If they don’t get the energy out somehow they can be very hard to live with.

No matter what breed of dog you decide on whether it be one of these or another one always make sure you understand the financial concerns and the training aspect. If you do then your new dog can be an amazing part of your family.

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