Wednesday, January 29, 2020

10 Must Have Items for Your New Puppy


Getting a puppy?

There is so much information out there, trying to find not only what products but the right products for your new puppy can be overwhelming. With all the information how do you decide which items are most important? We break it down by 10 items you should purchase prior to adopting your puppy as this will make the transition easier for everyone.

Here are the top 10 items you should have for your new family member.

Dog food

These seems like the obvious first choice. It is always recommended to keep your new puppy on the same dog food the previous place had him on for two weeks. That way it makes the transition to your home a little easier. It is also recommended to gradually transition your new pet off of the food when they are ready onto a new one.

Make sure you discuss with a professional which foods are good for your pet and which ones to steer clear of. 


While treats shouldn’t be the whole diet or even the majority of a dog’s diet, it is a way we can spoil our pups. Only introduce one at a time to limit the amount of gastrointestinal upset in your new family member. 


There are so many options to chose from. Depending on your dog’s breed and size would help decide what type of toys to get. You can discuss different teething toys with your veterinarian to make sure you get appropriate ones.

Toothpaste and toothbrush

Dental care is extremely important in any dog’s life. Getting them started early with dental care can be beneficial. Even though their baby teeth will eventually fall out, training them to get their teeth brushed at a young age can help as they get older. 

Clean up time

Cleaning up after your pet is important and in a many places, it is the law. Don’t forget the bags! While you are at it Nature’s Miracle is great to get those pesky urine and stool stains out of the carpet!


When you potty train a puppy a crate is a necessary item. Make sure the crate is not too large and they can only stand up, sit down or turn around.


A lot of time our pets end up on our own beds. This can lead to sleepless nights due to the bed not being big enough for everyone. Getting them used to their own bed will be beneficial for you and your pup.


When deciding on bowls it is important they are not plastic. Stainless steel and ceramic are best. Make sure you are cleaning them daily so bacteria does not build up on them.


Good brushing can help keep their hair beautiful, helps so their hair doesn’t tangle and can even decrease shedding.


Having your dog on a leash is the law. Retractable leashes have been shown to injury pets and their parents. It also puts them in danger since you can’t completely control them.

It is an exciting time to get a new puppy! Make sure you make their transition and your transition seamless.

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